Forward Motion Cross Country

Our winter day clinic is based on learning, running, getting stronger and most of all, doing all of these things while having fun.  We bring in local instructors and educators from various disciplines.  We play games.  We eat and talk nutrition.  We have grown every year since our inaugural 2021 year and can’t wait to make this clinic the best yet. 

We never want cost to be a factor in our programs.  We proudly offer scholarships on an as-need basis through the generous support of Around the Crown 10K and Carolina Sports Clinic. Contact us for details. 

Winter Conditioning Clinic (Session 2)

Mondays and Wednesdays
4 to 5:30 pm
January 8th - February 14th
$ 150
  • Boyce Road, Charlotte, NC
  • Emphasis on Form and Efficiency
  • Run and Strength Components
  • Discussions on injury prevention, nutrition, motivation