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We at Forward Motion understand the value of running is personal. For some it’s about taking the first step. For others, it’s a PR. We meet runners wherever they are on their unique journey and passionately gives them tools to move forward.

From the first mile to the 1000th, the goal of Forward Motion is to keep running simple and pure. We help runners move along their journey as mentally and physically strong as possible in a way that can be enjoyed to its fullest.

Services are customized to your needs. Training for an upcoming race? We’ll create a plan. Want specific tips and exercises to make you stronger? Let’s meet for a few sessions. 

If you are a youth athlete who wants to improve your conditioning and running, we’ve got you covered with our FMXC sessions.

We never want cost to be a barrier to reaching your goals. If you’d like to talk about different pricing options, please let us know. Let’s get started!

Small Group

$ 35
  • Group sizes between 2 - 8 ensuring personal attention
  • Runner specific strength work focusing on proper form
  • Personalized run training focusing on form and efficiency


$ 65
  • Personalized, one-on-one training
  • Goal setting and progress tracking
  • Work at your own pace with guidance on correct form and efficiency

Run Conditioning

Contact for More Details
  • Limited to 24 people
  • Each session includes a run workout and strength portion
  • Run workouts include hill-work, speed-work with emphasis on form
  • Perfect for off-season training

Training Schedules

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  • Great for a specific event or race Initial goal setting session
  • Initial goal setting session
  • Customized run and strength plan with daily interaction
  • 1 in person one-on-one or call session to ensure progress, (optional)
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Schedule a Session

Saturday and Sunday sessions are by appointment only.
Contact us if you’d like to schedule a weekend session!